Explore Touching Quotes from Goodnight Punpun: Inio Asano's Manga on Life, Love, and Struggles through Punpun's Eye

All Things Awe

June 21, 2024

Hey, wimpy hypocrite Punpun... do you know the best way to keep from getting hurt by other people? K*ll them first.

I think what a sinner really needs isn't punishment, it's to understand the pain of being forgiven. 

Life's surprisingly full of freedom. But don't forget, boy — With freedom comes responsibility. 

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Well... I say that but what I really wish for, is this peacefully insignificant days, could just continue on forever. 

People love words like "equality" and "peace" but as far as I'm concerned, those are just opiates for the losers. 

But I wasn't trying to find myself. I figured even if I could, I'd be insignificant. May be I was waiting for someone else to find me. 

No matter how much people need each other, there's still no such thing as perfect understanding. Then what on earth can you believe in? 

You were scared they were going to laugh at you, right? So let them! People who discourage others will never find their own happiness! 

I always thought I wasn't afraid to die. No... No one is afraid of death itself. Your pain and suffering is over in an instant. What really makes me suffer... Is seeing you crying over me… 

Dream big, everyone! Because dreams are free! But don't forget to be realistic about your abilities and financial needs. Otherwise you're in for some serious disappointments in life!